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Motorcycle & Bicycle Injury Claims – Have A Lawyer on Your Side!

Bicycles and motorcycles aren’t equipped with the same safety features as the other motor vehicles which they share the roads with. There aren’t any airbags, re-inforced steel doors or side curtain absorption cushioning on any motorcycles or bicycles on the roads. Bikes and motorcycles have to share the roads with much larger, heavier and stronger vehicles. Dedicated bike lanes are few and far in between in our cities. Bikes and motorcycles are an afterthought on our roadways. But when a motorcycle or bicycle is involved in a car accident; it’s often front page news because the injuries are so severe and can often be life threatening.

A helmet may protect your head, but it may not be enough to save you from serious injury in a bike or motor cycle accident. Brain injury, loss of limb, spinal injury, skin grafting and broken bones are common place in bike and motorcycle accidents.

Given the severity of the damages in these sort of accidents, why would you even risk not contacting a personal injury lawyer right away? A personal injury lawyer will ensure that your rights are protected and help you get the medical and financial support in your time of need.

Motorcycles need some form of insurance. Dealing with the insurance company for these accidents is tricky enough alone. But you don’t need car or bike insurance to ride a bike on the road. Dealing with the insurance company of the perpetrator that hit the bike is even more difficult. There are crucial time lines for reporting these accident to the proper insurance company and important forms need to be filed on time Sometimes there may be no insurance company to report to so notice needs to be sent to the Motor Vehicle Accidents Claims Fund. Failure to report these accidents on time, to the proper authorities, and complete these forms may completely ruin what could be a meritorious personal injury case.

Only a personal injury lawyer can help you get the results you deserve and give you and your loved ones the peace of mind that they will be taken care of. A personal injury lawyer will assist you on your road to recovery so hopefully one day, you will be able to ride again.

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