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Things to be careful of when pursuing your accident case

After you’ve been hurt of injured in an accident, there are a few important things to be certain of:

Consult a lawyer who concentrates in accident claims immediately. There is a limitation period in Ontario to sue. This limitation varies, depending on the facts of your case and the sort of accident. But, generally, you have 2 years to sue from the date of the accident. There are all sorts of other limitation periods which you need to be aware of, which is important to consult a lawyer immediately to ensure that your right to sue is protected.

See your family doctor immediately after the accident. Hospitals generally rush their patients out to make room for more patients because they’re so busy. Sometimes people are discharged from hospitals with poor follow up instructions or improper treatment or medications. See your family doctor. They know you best. If you don’t have a family doctor, ask around.

Make sure you bring your lawyer all the documents you have in your possession relating to your claim. Documents you might not think to be relevant, might be very relevant. Let a lawyer be the judge of that.

Be careful of surveillance. After you’ve commenced an action, sometimes insurance companies hire private investigators to conduct surveillance on you. They may wait outside of your home in a van and videotape you. This is allowed. They will use this surveillance evidence to show that you are able to carry the trash, if you say that you cannot. Or show that you are walking perfectly well, when you’re saying that you walk with a limp after the accident. Be careful.

Make sure you tell your lawyer exactly where the accident happened, and who was involved. This is important so your lawyer knows exactly who to sue. If your lawyer doesn’t have all of the information, your lawyer might sue the wrong party, which will effect your case.

The laws for car accidents, and personal injury claims are complicated and constantly changing. This is why you need an experienced lawyer to point you in the right direction and help you with your claim from start to finish. Brian Goldfinger of Goldfinger Injury Lawyers is a Canadian trained lawyer who only represents accident victims. Do not see somebody who does not focus on in personal injury. This may likely impact your case. Call Brian today for your free consultation.

This article is not meant to be relied on as legal advice; nor does it create a solicitor-client relationship.

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