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Our personal injury lawyers have seen in increased volume of overdose and pharmacy negligence cases over the past year.

Why is that?

Perhaps more of the population is dependent on pharmaceutical medication? With that increased volume of customers for pharmacists; there is a greater chance for human error when dispensing medication.

The purpose of this Toronto Injury Lawyer Blog is to examine and explain overdose and pharmacy negligence cases; along with what steps a person should take in the unfortunate event that they fall victim to an overdose through no fault of their own.

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Goldfinger Injury Lawyers handle methadone overdose cases, and other cases involving pharmacist negligence.

You might ask: how can this ever happen?

If someone has a prescription, it gets filled with the right drug and the right dosage; and that should be the end of it.

But mistakes happen. And they happen more than you think.

And when those mistakes happen, people can get really sick, or even worse, die.

There is a very negative stigma surrounding overdose cases. People who take illegal drugs are frowned upon. The need for methadone to manage a pre-existing addiction problem has been stigmatized.

This is why coming forward is no easy task. Doctors, family members, nurses and members of the general public often have no sympathy, empathy or understanding for what these people are going through.

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