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More people than ever have to attend Methadone Clinics to deal with their addiction and substatnce abuse issues. Opiate dependence and substance abuse issues are very real, and very costly on so many levels. They threaten to bottom out health care spending, take emotional tolls on families, loved ones and friends; and ruin lives.  Methadone Clinics are just one of the ways which Ontario is trying to deal with these problems. It will take a multi disciplinary approach to get a handle on addiction and substance abuse issues. But there can be no dispute that they are serious issues which our government and health care system are working very hard to resolve.

The focus of this edition of the Toronto Injury Lawyer Blog will be to examine what happens when there has been a prescription overdose; or a dispensing error at a Methadone Clinic in Ontario, or at a Pharmacy in Ontario. These cases are becoming more common with the increasing number of people who are prescribed and dependent on methadone to manage their problems. Pharmaceutical negligence and dispensing errors are not uncommon and can cause serious, life changing damages for which innocent claimants deserve fair compensation for their losses.

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Goldfinger Injury Lawyers handle methadone overdose cases, and other cases involving pharmacist negligence.

You might ask: how can this ever happen?

If someone has a prescription, it gets filled with the right drug and the right dosage; and that should be the end of it.

But mistakes happen. And they happen more than you think.

And when those mistakes happen, people can get really sick, or even worse, die.

There is a very negative stigma surrounding overdose cases. People who take illegal drugs are frowned upon. The need for methadone to manage a pre-existing addiction problem has been stigmatized.

This is why coming forward is no easy task. Doctors, family members, nurses and members of the general public often have no sympathy, empathy or understanding for what these people are going through.

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