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Brian Goldfinger Personal Injury Lawyer Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer Car Accident Lawyer Toronto

Don’t be fooled by the title of this blog post.

My web guy wants me to use the terms personal injury lawyer car accident lawyer Toronto as much as humanly possible/tolerable. But, I’m not going to pull some Family Guy stuff on all of my loyal readers and just keep writing Brian Goldfinger Injury Lawyersyer Car Accident Lawyer Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer as much as possible. How self serving.

On top of that, blogging about stories strictly personal injury law or insurance law related can be terribly boring. If you really have some pressing questions about personal injury law or about a car accident, just email me at or visit for all my contact info.

Here’s a reader question picked out at random from the good ol’ mail bag. Marsal from Richmond Hill writes: “Hi’re so smart, and handsome, and funny, and witty, and charismatic, and compassionate, and understanding. I have a burning Disability related question for you which has been causing me to lose sleep, causing anxiety and overall malaise in my life: Are Canada Pension Plan disability benefits deductible from Private Long Term Disability Benefits.

ANSWER: Hi Marsal from Richmond Hill. Did we go to high school together? Never mind. Thanks for your email and for the flattering compliments. You’re certainly a great judge of character. Don’t get upset you can’t find the answer to your question. It’s no reason to lose sleep or get bent outta shape. I’d be pleased to help. To answer your question; yes, CPP Disability Benefits are deductible from LTD benefits. But check the LTD policy to be certain.

And now for something completely different:

The Occupy Wall Street or Occupy (insert the name of city here) Movement has been getting a lot of press the past few weeks. The movement appears to be against the disparity of wealth between rich and poor; along with a protest against corporate greed; tied in with government bail outs which were supposed to be used to stimulate the economy instead of pay our large executive bonuses.

OK. I get it. I’m down.

But you know what the movement really needs?

You know what would really “stick it to the man”?…..

A corporate sponsor for the Movement! Genius! How cool would that be! Talk about counter culture cool! Outfit the protesters in Nike, Reebok, or Adidas gear; feed them McDonald’s (the official food sponsor of the protests); Starbucks can be the official coffee; Motorola can provide headsets to the protest leaders to help them communicate with the mobs of people; what about a Bail Bonds sponsor if/when the protesters get arrested? How about a criminal lawyer sponsor to help get the charges dismissed. And do you know where Goldfinger Injury Lawyers comes in? If/When police start beating the protesters, we will be there for each and every protester in Ontario to SUE their local police force to get them the compensation they deserve after being brutalized by the cops. That’s right. Goldfinger Injury Lawyers will be the official police brutality sponsor of the Occupy _____ Movement. Mention this blog post and save 5% on legal fees!

How’s that for outside of the box thinking? Did I mention that I’m a personal injury lawyer traumatic brain injury lawyer car accident lawyer disability lawyer Toronto, London, Peterborough, Ontario 😉

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