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A Pot Pourri of Personal Injury Claims

I was recently at a kid’s birthday party. It was my son’s first “real” birthday party. He hadn’t been to a “real” birthday party in around 2 years or so due to the COVID Pandemic.

It was great socializing with adults from his class. It was great seeing my child interact with his classmates at a birthday party. It was great to be out and about after such a long period of on and off again lockdowns, fear and uncertainty.

One of the adults at the party told me that he kept up with the Toronto Injury Lawyer Blog. He wanted to know how we came up with so many topics to discuss; week after week.

Here are some secrets from behind the curtain about how we come up with topics.

Many would think that personal injury law is a limited topic. But it’s not. Personal Injury Law encompasses so much which people can relate to.

People drive cars, ride transit, walk or ride bikes to get around. Once you participate in any or all of these activities, you open yourself up to a potential claim. Who amongst us hasn’t seen a car accident; or the aftermath of a car accident? How many times have you drove on the highway or passed an accident scene with flashing police lights, firemen and paramedics.

We all know or have heard of someone who has been involved in an accident; whether it’s serious or not. We all likely have someone in our lives who is sick, ill, or disabled from working. They likely require, receive or have applied for either government assistance, or insurance benefits from a private insurer.

In order to drive a motor vehicle you require car insurance. It’s the law.

Who hasn’t done something “risky” like bungee jumping, sky diving, skiing, put their kids in a bouncy castle; or some other action sport which requires the participant to sign a waiver?

Who hasn’t seen a vicious dog or been afraid of a vicious neighbourhood dog? Perhaps that dog got off leash and bit someone?

Who hasn’t slipped and fallen on a slippery or uneven floor, an icey walkway or parking lot, or at tripped at a grocery store or shopping mall? How about a fall down uneven or rotten stairs causing serious injury. What about an elevator that stops working, jerks up and down causing you to fall and get injured?

What about the bar fight that broke out? What about the overzealous bouncer or security guard at the pub or a local sporting event?  You know the type of bouncer or security guard. The guy who takes his job far too seriously and goes from zero to one hundred real quick in an effort to assert his dominance and bully any patrons who dares to cross him or look at him the wrong way. He then proceeds to deny the physical altercation went down.linkedin-2-300x300

What about the sad tragic stories of losing a loved one in an accident? How about the drunk driving or texting while driving collisions that we hear about all too frequently? Or your run of the mill rear end collision or fender bender? Someone ran a stop sign? Improper left hand turn? Careless driving? Hit and run? Driving without a seatbelt? Driving without insurance? Driving without consent? Driving without a valid driver’s license? Accident while out of province or out of country? Travel insurance claim denied? No travel insurance and looking for a way to secure some form of coverage?

Innocent victim of a violent crime? Innocent victim of physical, sexual or emotional abuse? Innocent accident victim who was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time and now get the gears from the insurance company who is denying the claim every step of the way?

Hot Coffee causing a burn. Hot Tea causing a harsher burn. Taking a bite out of a sandwich only to find something really hard in it causing your tooth to chip.

Insurance company wants to interview you to take a statement? Insurance company doesn’t want to pay for the real value of your damaged vehicle? Insurance company denying your benefits for no good reason? Insurance company wants to send you to their quack doctors? Insurance company wants you to sign a bunch of forms you don’t understand? Insurance company is recording all of your conversations with their adjuster(s). Insurance company sending you mail you don’t understand like it’s going out of style whereby you need a lawyer to explain to you exactly what they’re trying to say. Insurance company sending you a cheque and you don’t know what it’s for. Too afraid to cash that cheque out of fear that they will ask for the money back or even worse; that if you cash the cheque the insurer will take the position that you’ve settled your claim for a very nominal amount.

Pharmacist dispenses you the wrong medication or the wrong dosage; causing you to get very sick or causing you to be hospitalized? How about the doctor or health care professional who just got it wrong and caused you harm (when their mantra is to do no harm).

My point with all of these examples? They are relatable. One or more of these things may have happened to you, a friend, family member or a loved one. You may have heard tales of a neighbour who was seriously injured in a tragic accident and they got a payout from the insurance company to compensate them. These aren’t far fetched scenarios. They are very real common occurrences which happen every day normal people.

So when we look for topics on the Toronto Injury Lawyer Blog, all we have to do is look outside our front window and watch and listen. Heck, a new stop light just got put outside of our office window because they wanted to slow down the flow of traffic to make the streets safer. The streets are talking. We are listening. Our blog is a reflection of what we observe. Hope you like it!


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