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Nice write up of Goldfinger Personal Injury Law

Below is a fantastic write up of Goldfinger Injury Lawyers which will be featured in the “Legal Elite” issue of London’s Business Magazine to be released in February 2015.

After several years working a reliable factory job, Ken didn’t know where to turn.
He was off work with a repetitive strain injury, initially identified as something akin to tennis elbow. Eventually, he learned that was a misdiagnosis. What he really had was spinal stenosis, a narrowing of the spinal canal that causes intense pain, numbness and weakness in the arms.

I lost 70 per cent of the strength in my arms, and I couldn’t work,” he recalls. “I fell into depression about the whole situation.”

Because he had been misdiagnosed, his insurance company refused to pay benefits when his WSIB coverage ended. Unable to work, with no idea when or how he would ever recover, he and his family were on the verge of losing their home, outside of London.
“If I had kept doing what I was doing when I thought it was tennis elbow, I could have done even more damage. I could be paralyzed now,” he says. “We had virtually no money coming in. We were desperate.”

That was when they called Brian Goldfinger, a London lawyer who concentrates in helping people fight back against insurance companies and other institutions.

“We just found his number and called,” Ken says. “We had never met him before, but he turned to be the best thing that could have happened to us.”

In December, the insurance company agreed to a lump sum payment that eased the financial burden Ken and has family had been feeling for the last four years. “It was a great Christmas,” he says. “We had food this year.”

Goldfinger personally helped Ken and his family throughout the process, negotiating with the insurance company and ensuring a fair settlement. “He kept us informed the whole way and really fought for us. He was on our side the whole way,” Ken says.

Goldfinger opened his office in London around 5 years ago when he moved to the area. He also has offices in Toronto and Peterborough, helping people across Southern Ontario deal with long term disability claims and the fall-out from car, motorcycle and bicycle injuries.

“We are there from the moment someone is injured, helping with decisions they must make at a time when they’re in crisis,” Goldfinger says. “We visit people in hospital, at home, wherever they need assistance.”

The firm never represents insurance companies and focuses entirely on accident law – everything from brain and spinal cord injuries to dog bites and drunk driver negligence.
“We’ve helped people in all kinds of situations,” he says. “Initially, it can look desperate, but we work with our clients to help them get the settlements they deserve so they can work to restore the lives they enjoyed previously.”

Consultations are always free, and the firm does not get paid until it wins a settlement for a client.

“I don’t know what we would have done without Brian,” Ken says. “What he did for us has given me a lot of hope to move forward. We can’t thank him enough.”

Flattering article which sums up our law firm along with our clients’ experiences rather well.

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