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One of my biggest predictions coming out of COVID Lockdowns and the COVID Pandemic would be the rise of assaults.

After many months of being locked down and shut out of social interaction, people forgot how to be kind to one another. We forgot how to share public spaces. We forgot how to be patient, and polite to strangers. We had a lot of built up anger, angst, along with all sorts of other emotions (both positive and negative) after being locked down for so long. We were no longer able to behave like public places were our own living rooms. They were public spaces meant to be shared. Over the Pandemic, we forgot how to share these public spaces, and began to act in such a way which showed a lesser regard for our peers.

This problem is compounded by the increases in mental illness we have seen during the course of the Pandemic. Lack of access to medical care, having people locked down, increased unemployment with increased costs of living, increased interest rates…It’s all not good for one’s mental health.

Regretfully, the prediction that common assaults (or random acts of violence in public) would increase was correct. Just use the TTC as your benchmark. Since the Pandemic lockdowns ended, and we have done our best to return to a sense of normalcy, random acts of violence on the TTC have increased dramatically. A young boy was stabbed and murdered for no apparent reason. He was simply in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

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We get a lot of questions from the readers of the Toronto Injury Lawyer Blog. Some serious. Some silly. This will be a mailbag installment of our blog whereby personal injury lawyer Brian Goldfinger will respond to those questions.

Please note that answers to your questions to do constitute a solicitor-client relationship, nor are they intended to form a full legal opinion as we have only received a small sample size of your case/question. The answers are general in nature, and are not intended to be former legal advice. For proper legal advice, consult with, and retain your own personal injury lawyer who will have a full understanding of your case. Every personal injury case is fact driven, and fact specific. Your case will likely have its own unique facts which will drive it in its own direction, different from other cases and different from the answers to questions below.

If you have questions for the mailbag section of the Toronto Injury Lawyer Blog, please tweet them to @Goldfingerlaw or email them to and reference “Blog MailBag” in the subject line. Please mention your name, and the City/Town where you reside, so we can refer to it in future posts.

Thank you in advance for your questions and queries. Funny ones certainly make us smile!

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