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Understanding Brain Injury: The invisible Injury

There was a great piece on 60 Minutes last night featuring brain injured American soldiers returning from wars in the Middle East with problems such as depression, mood disorders, anxiety, memory loss, word finding difficulties, blurred vision, nausea etc. These were initially diagnosed as concussions, or simply not diagnosed at all. Soliders were called malingerers, liars and fakers! Much like insurance companies and their lawyers call accident victims. Eventually, doctors, through using scans more sophisticated then MRIs found that these soldiers were experiencing traumatic brain injury. The piece is called, “The Invisible Injury” and refers to traumatic and mild brain injury. My favourite part of the piece is when a soldier said that he’d rather lose a limb then experience a brain injury. Watch this piece and you will understand why, and understand why brain injury is so serious. They just don’t happen in battles. They can occur in slip and falls, car accidents, motorcycle accidents, bike accidents and a variety of other ways which we here at Goldfinger Injury Lawyers see every day. I like it when the mainstream media shines some light on brain injury. Thanks to the NFL, NHL, and now injured soldiers, the severity of brain injury is getting some much needed attention.

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