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Handling a brain injury claim in Toronto

Brain injury is serious.

I could end this blog posting there, but you’re probably craving more. I mean, sometimes reading about personal injury law can be so gosh darn enterntaining.

Goldfinger Injury Lawyers gets tons of calls a day from prospective clients. Of all the calls we get; it’s those calls which involve brain injury claims which can be the trickiest to handle.

When you break your leg, or arm in a car accident; you know it’s broken. The x-ray shows it; or the bone might be protruding out of place; or the area that’s been hit might be swollen.

But what happens when you get a brain injury from a car accident, and nothing else. It’s not like your brain can be put into a cast and heal over time. The damage to the brain can’t be seen from the outside, so how do we know it exists. An x-ray won’t show brain damage; and an MRI may show brain damage, but not necessarily.

The effects of brain injury from a bike accident, slip and fall, or any other serious trauma can be devastating. They may result in headaches, memory loss, loss of concentration, fogginess, depression, anxiety, ringing in the ears, balance problems or fatigue. Only the accident victim and their close family can appreciate these differences.

Sometimes, the accident victim themselves cannot even appreciate their cognitive deficits as a result of the brain injury. This is why it’s important for the personal injury lawyers at Goldfinger Injury Lawyers to speak with family, friends and the loved ones of the accident victim so that we can better appreciate how bad, or not bad the damage from the accident might be.

In some cases, the accident victim is so far gone that they’re not able to function, rendering their injuries catastrophic pursuant to the definition under the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule or SABS for short. When the accident victim has been declared Catastrophic, they will be entitled to a greater degree of accident benefits from their car insurance company.

If you or a loved one has fallen victim to brain injury, call Goldfinger Injury Lawyers for your free consultation with a personal injury lawyer.

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