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Peterborough Endodontic Clinic puts patients at risk of serious infection

A Peterborough Endodontic Clinic  (Kawartha Endodontics) on Water Street has been issued a warning from Peterborough Public Health. Patients are encouraged to get tested for blood born infections on account that the equipment used may not have been properly sterilized. This has put a number of patients at serious risk which should be taken very seriously.

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Here is a brief summary of the findings from Peterborough Public Health’s report regarding Kawartha Endodontics:

Premise/facility under investigation
Kawartha Endodontics, 425 Water Street, Suite 200. Peterborough, ON, K9H3L9

Type of premise/facility:Dental Clinic
Date Board of Health became aware of IPAC
Date of Initial Report posting
Date of Initial Report update(s) (if applicable)
How the IPAC lapse was identified Public Complaint
Summary Description of the IPAC Lapse
1) Evidence suggesting medical equipment/devices were not reprocessed as per provincial infection prevention and
control standards. As such, the sterility of reprocessed medical equipment/devices used during patient treatment could not be verified.

2) Complete records pertaining to the monitoring of reprocessing practices could not be produced and as such, the sterility of the reprocessed medical equipment/devices used during patient treatment could not be verified.This included lack of evidence of completion of necessary scheduled preventative maintenance and efficacy testing on sterilization equipment.
3) Staff lacked knowledge of infection control best practices and were not aware of the manufacturer requirements for the operation and maintenance of reprocessing equipment.
4) Incomplete policies and procedures were evident with regard to IPAC best practices, staff training, auditing andreprocessing procedures. IPAC Lapse Investigation
Did the IPAC lapse involve a member of a
regulatory college?
If yes, was the issue referred to the regulatory
Were any corrective measures recommended
and/or implemented?
Please provide further details/steps
Clinic was issued oral closure order on July 15, 2019 based on findings. A follow up written closure order was hand delivered on July 16, 2019. A re-inspection was conducted on July 18, 2019 and the premise was not approved for reopening. A final re-inspection was conducted on July 25, 2019, a rescind order was issued based on the assessment of the public health inspector that the health hazard had been remediated and the clinic was approved for re-opening on July 26, 2019.
Date any order(s) or directive(s) were issued to
the owners/operators
(if applicable)
July 15, 2019: Initial oral closure orderlinkedin-2-300x300
July 16, 2019: Written closure order
July 26, 2019: Closure order rescinded
August 27, 2019: Patient notification order
August 29, 2019: Patient notification order (updated to include date of birth)
Initial Report Comments and Contact Information
Any Additional Comments
(Do not include any personal information or
personal health information)
On August 27, 2019 and August 29, 2019, the dentist was ordered to provide patient contact information to allow
Peterborough Public Health (PPH) to notify patients of the risk of infection. As the dentist is appealing this Order, PPH
has been unable to conduct direct patient notification and will use other means to reach potentially impacted patients.
If you have any further questions, please contact:
Telephone (705)743-1000 ext. 401
Final Report
Date of Final Report posting:
Date any order(s) or directive(s) were issued to
the owner/operator
(if applicable)
July 15th: Initial oral closure order
July 16th: Written closure order
July 26th: Closure order recinded
August 27th: Patient notification order
August 29th: Patient notification order (updated to include date of birth)
Brief description of corrective measures taken
Clinic was re-inspected to ensure that they were following infection control best practice guidelines. Some of the
corrective measures taken included the following: Where necessary, new equipment and instruments were purchased.
Remaining instruments were reprocessed to remove debris that was found at the time of initial inspection. Required
record keeping related to reprocessing equipment maintanence, operation and efficacy testing was put into place.
IPAC consulting company services were retained to develop and implement IPAC policies and procedures. Staff were
trained on IPAC best practices and evidence of training certification was provided.
Date all corrective measures were
confirmed to have been completed
Final Report Comments and Contact Information
Any Additional Comments
(Do not include any personal
information or personal health information)
If you have any further questions, please contact:
Telephone (705)743-1000 ext. 401 to speak with a Public Health Nurse for questions related to the lapse
(705) 743-1000 ext. 235 to speak with a Public Health Inspector for questions regarding this report

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